Etched, colored, and cut stainless steel covers in the shape of a giant wave, Coptic stitched acrylic painted handmade paper cut like waves, each with a photograph and name of a survivor of the 2004 tsunami. Edition of 2. 17 cm X 15,5 cm

Forty-seven tsunami survivors in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka were interviewed for this book. Hard as it was for them to talk about events of that day, they told me their stories with kindness and even allowed me to take their photos. I wanted to celebrate the survivors and their fortitude, 10 years later. How life went on after such an overwhelming tragedy.

The paper for Resistance was made by a co-op of tsunami widows and painted with acrylics. The peacock blue cloth for the sack for Resistance and covers for the book with the 47 stories of the survivors was hand loomed by tsunami widows in Batticaloa. The shell closing the sack holding Resistance was found on Arungam Bay beach, which was hit particularly hard by the tsunami.